Troubleshooting Tips

As we all know, not always everything goes according to plan in IT. That’s why we created this section with solutions to problems you are most likely to encounter.

NOTE: Always clean the build after trying any of the provided solutions. Some things may depend on it. The shortcut in Xcode is Cmd+Shift+K.


  • try pod repo update to update your Cocoapods repository
  • try pod install to update the Pods and reopen the .xcworkspace (this is important otherwise the changes might not take effect).



I get a compiler error saying that generated things do not exist.

Make sure that in Build Phases->Compile Sources the GeneratedUI.swift file is the topmost one.

I get an error “…/Application/Sources/Generated/GeneratedUI.swift no such file or directory”.

You need to create the Generated/ folder yourself. If you’re in the root folder of your project, you can use this command: mkdir ./Application/Generated/.


I created a new project with reactant init command and it doesn’t run.

It’s possible that something went wrong during the project creation. Make sure you have Cocoapods installed and afterwards try to call pod repo update and afterwards pod install. If it still doesn’t work, consider creating a new project.